Entry #199

Me getting tattooed

2009-03-25 00:11:28 by RedCoin

So yeah, a couple of weeks ago, my girlfriend and I went to a tattoo convention in manchester.

I wasn't actually planning on getting tattooed there, I just thought I'd go check it out. It was a fun day, lots of cool artists, one of them being a japanese guy called Musashi. He used a really old, traditional method of tattooing called tabori, where he basicly takes a metal stick with needles at the end, dips that bitch in ink and pokes the shit out of you.

This intreaged me. Always up for a new experience and curious to how it felt, I knew it was only a matter of time until I found out. :P

I got a japanese sun to go with a tiger I already had, I would have got something more ellaborate/cool if he had the time or I had the money.

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Anyway, I happened to find the video on youtube and thought I'd stick it here.
This is actually the first time ive put a video on a blog haha.
You'll have to skip to about 1:30 until you see me, and if you skim through the video you'll see that it zooms in an shows what he's doing better.I'll upload a picture of the finished tattoo if anyone wants to see it.

Pic. Finally.

Me getting tattooed


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2009-03-25 00:48:25

Nice one, was it painful? Looks like it would be.

(Updated ) RedCoin responds:

just stings a bit lol


2009-03-25 13:00:33




2009-04-12 13:43:10

That's badass. Upload the picture dude :)

RedCoin responds:

cant find my camera lmao


2009-04-14 11:44:45

Lol you got assaulted by the chink from Die Hard and paid him to.


2009-05-18 20:05:45

that's a badass looking sun, I like how it fades at the end, nice touch.


2009-05-31 21:20:35

Still alive?


2009-06-04 02:59:54

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2009-06-18 02:51:24

That actually looks pretty sick.


2009-06-18 05:14:15

Did it hurt?


2009-06-25 17:54:08

nice tat


2009-06-30 16:55:28

Very nice. Ive always been wanting to get a tattoo. Im wanting it on my bicep or something so I can easily conceal it.


2009-07-06 01:13:37

penis puncher


2009-07-30 17:45:12

Looks awesome! Were you really sure you weren't going to get a tattoo? Haha.


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