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The boredom

2008-03-05 16:50:31 by RedCoin

Oh god, the boredom.

I'm a gay nazi lol

2008-03-01 10:09:32 by RedCoin

feel free to spam me

thanks to Drugman3 for this beautiful photoshop

I'm a gay nazi lol


2008-02-21 14:30:22 by RedCoin



I have returned

2008-02-18 16:05:17 by RedCoin

(EDIT: I'm fucking banned already lol)

And I'm still unemployed with no friends.

What did I learn from this?

That old women like to watch breast feeding.

I have returned

Taking a break from NG

2008-02-01 15:52:45 by RedCoin


I got kicked out of college

2008-01-22 17:25:21 by RedCoin

For the second time lol.
My attendance is really bad, because I either decide to stay at home or end up really late.
The first time, I was allowed to go back because I had a doctor's note about my insomnia, but to be fair it mostly boils down to just being a lazy fucker. I hate it anyway it is bloody rubbish.
I'll probably go to a different college in september.

In other news, I have a job interview/training day to be a telemarketer.
I've always hated those fucking pricks who phone me up to sell me shit I don't want, but now the sock is on the other foot. I'll quite enjoy bothering people :P

Wish me good luck, faggots.

Edit: The interview went ok, they'll call me tomorrow if I have a job.

dicks and tits

2008-01-17 16:38:06 by RedCoin

dicks and tits

fuck your mum

2008-01-16 15:40:49 by RedCoin

on her stupid tits


2008-01-16 10:42:30 by RedCoin

i dont like her at all

she is rubbish

AIDS doesn't kill Africans

2008-01-05 22:46:16 by RedCoin

I kill africans.